Class meets at 2:30 pm Wednesday in Maxwell Dworkin (33 Oxford St.) room G115.
New announcements posted September 9, 2015.

  • Lecture 2 is posted, with more detail than usual. If you didn’t follow every step of the calculation in class, this has all the reasoning written out. Feel free to ask on Piazza if you have any questions.

New announcements posted September 8, 2015.

  • The scheduling for sections for the rest of the semester is available under “Sections and Programming Labs”. The time slots were picked based on the Piazza poll.
  • If you wish to contact the staff by email, you can now use
  • We will be posting solutions to assignments. These solutions will consist of the best students’ answers. You will have the ability to indicate if you do not wish to have your answer published as a solution when you submit your homework. Due to the late announcement, an email will be sent to the authors of the best answers to assignment 1 for their approval.
  • A clarification regarding the laptop/device policy:
    • The policy applies to lectures only .
    • During lectures, there will be two areas in the classroom—one for device users and the other for nonusers. Students will sit throughout the term in the area corresponding to the choice they make at the beginning of the term.
    • In class on Wednesday, September 9, we will pass around a sheet of paper on which students will indicate their choices. Choices can also be sent by email to Eduard. For students who do not submit a choice by 11:59pm Wednesday, September 9 will be defaulted into the no-devices section.

New announcements posted September 4, 2015.

  • New room: starting Wednesday (September 9), we’ll be in Maxwell-Dworkin G115.
  • Pass/fail: we are permitting students to take the class pass/fail. The cutoff for passing will be the same as the cutoff for getting a B- or better.
  • There are some changes to the schedule of evaluations.
    • There will be no final exam during exam period.
    • Rather than a final exam, we will give a second midterm exam in class on December 2nd, the last day of instruction.
    • The first midterm will be, as originally announced, on October 14th.
    • For those who choose to complete it, the optional writing assignment will be due December 9—the fourth business day of reading period.
  • Writing assignment: students seeking a concentration credit for writing in this class must complete the optional writing assignment. (This supersedes what was said in class on the first day.)

The changes are reflected in the updated notes on logistics, Lecture 1.