Sections and Programming Labs

Sections include exercises on what we learn in class and in some cases help set up new concepts that we will learn in lecture. Sections are not mandatory, but we strongly encourage you to participate. You may attend the section of your choice, the schedule is:

  • Wednesday, 5-6pm, Cruft Lab 309
  • Thursday, 1-2pm, Pierce Hall 100F
  • Thursday, 5-6pm, Maxwell Dworkin 221
  • Friday, 1-2pm, Cruft Lab 309

Programming Labs
Each problem set will include programming assignments. The programming will be relatively light, where the idea is to use simple scripts to analyse real world network data sets and apply some of the algorithm you learn in class. You’re expected to have taken CS50 or have similar background and experience. You are expected to know how to code in python. We will not teach python or programming related material, but we have weekly programming labs run by Anson and Alex. Programming labs will be every Thursday from 7 – 8:30 pm starting on the first week of class in Cruft 309.
Section 1: Intro to Python // PDF // IPython // PDF sols // IPython sols
Section 2: Python II // PDF // IPython // data // PDF sols // IPython sols